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Roatan Island Facts

The Beautiful Island of Roatan , Bay Islands, Honduras
• The Island is approx 35 miles long and 4 miles wide (at its widest part)
• It is situated on the world's second largest barrier reef

  • Recent media has billed Roatan as the "Best Island to live on" - Island Magazine) and the "3rd best island to vacation to" (CNN - Trip Advisor) and one of the "Top 5 Islands To Retire To" (InternationalLiving.com).
• Roatan offers a much cheaper cost of living than most North American cities, especially when it comes to housing.  Compared to "more established" Caribbean destinations, Roatan real estate is a fraction of other Caribbean islands.  A couple can live comfortably in Roatan for about $1,300 per month, with about another $4-500 for a social or "slush fund"
•  You can legally live and work on the island
  • The population is approx 80,000 people with a native Honduran population of about 75,000 and North America community of expats of about 5,000 people

• The average air temperature in Roatan year round is about 80º F, or 28º Celsius with the trade winds providing a gentle breeze
• The average water temperature for Roatan is approximately or 84°F or 29°Celsius
• Roatan is serviced with flights from Houston, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Cuba, Montreal and Toronto
• Delta, American and United Airlines fly directly to Roatan
• Go to Google; IMAGES and type in Roatan Honduras...it's gorgeous