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Health Care 

Medical Clinics


There are several medical clinics and pharmacies on the island of Roatan, including Coxen Hole, Sandy Bay, French Harbour.  The Coxen Hole clinic provides 24 hour emergency assistance.

The Clínica Medicentro, is located in French Harbour and provides various specialists who come from the mainland during the month.

In August 2015 there will be a brand new fully equipped Hospital opening in Roatan, ran by United States trained Doctors

La Ceiba (on the Mainland......30 miles by Ferry from Roatan)

Medicentro is a well equipped new modern health care facility.

Hospital Vicente D’Antoni, a large and well-equipped hospital.

Many insurance companies provide MediVac flights to Miami from the island.


There are dental clinics in Coxen Hole and Oak Bay.

Health Insurance

Health insurance would generally be obtained from your homeland insurance company.


The Center for Disease Control recommends getting shots for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Tetanus for visiting Honduras.  However, not having these shots will not prevent your entry into the country.

Malaria and Dengue Fever

Malaria is occasionally found in the Bay Islands. Prescription drugs will generally cure Malaria. Dengue Fever is present in all areas of Honduras and the flu like symptoms can affect people for up to 2 weeks.

Both malaria and dengue fever can be prevented by  wearing long sleeved shirts and pants during the dawn and the dusk hours of the day; and/or staying inside during these times of day.  Mosquito repellent is also very helpful for prevention.