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Cost of Living

The following estimates are based on living in Roatan (in general) on a monthly basis.
A Couple can live in Roatan for about $1,300/mth comfortably. Add in another $400 + for some social activities, meals out and outdoor activities.  Very reasonable and half of what you need to live on in most North American cities. 


Depending on location, you could spend $500 - 800 a month for a 2 bedroom with little, to no amenities. Monthly rentals are hard to find unless you know someone who already lives in Roatan. Even then, they are rustic.  There is a 15% national tax on all rental payments, although not all landlords charge it. 

Utilities :

For a 2 bedroom place, expect an average of about $100-500 per month depending on how much you use your air conditioning.  $100 per month without using any. Electrical rates are about $0.48/kWh , which is much more than most North Americans pay. 

Groceries :

Groceries are also more expensive than in North America. For a couple you can expect to spend $400-600/month on groceries. There are two major grocery stores in Coxen Hole and mini-marts in West End.
Eating out will set you back as follows, with tip:
Breakfast $8 - $15 each
Lunch $10-$15 each with a drink and tip
Dinner $20-$40 each with a drink and tip   

Cable/Internet :

Internet and cable will set you back about $60-70 per month for 1MB plus cable, including some specialty channels. 

Cell Phone:  

If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a local chip for $5 or so.
If you do not have an unlocked phone, you can buy a phone for $15-20,
You then buy air time as you need and have local cell phone service. 

Laundry :

Most expats get their laundry done in Coxen Hole at a Laundromat laundry service that is well worth the cost.  It costs approximately $30 per month for laundry for two.  


Depending on how far you are from your amenities, you may walk, take a cab or buy (or share) a scooter or vehicle.  A scooter costs about $7 in gas to fill. A cab will cost your about $1.25 to go a mile.  Its $1 to take a bus.  There are lots of Facebook groups for Roatan residents where you can share information with the expat community, buy/sell items, and learn about upcoming events, but it is unlikely you will be added to those groups if you do not live on the island. Facebook is the Craigslist of Roatan.