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Health Care 

Medical Clinics


There are several medical clinics and pharmacies on the island of Roatan, including Coxen Hole, Sandy Bay, French Harbour.  The Coxen Hole clinic provides 24 hour emergency assistance.

The ClĂ­nica Medicentro, is located in French Harbour and provides various specialists who come from the mainland during the month.

In August 2015 there will be a brand new fully equipped Hospital opening in Roatan, ran by United States trained Doctors

Travel Visas, Customs, Work Permit, and Getting a Residency Permit


Travel Visas

In order to visit Honduras you will need to have a valid passport.  The passport must be valid for six months past the date of arriving. When you arrive in Honduras you will be given a 30 or 90 day Tourist Visa.  This can be renewed for 30 days at the Immigration Office. However if you have been in the country for 90 days, you are required to leave the country for at least 3 days.  You can not go to Guatemala, El Salvador or Nicaragua to qualify for this 3 day leave.  If you have applied for a Residency permit you can extend a visa past the 90 days period. 


When entering Honduras you are entitled to bring personal items with you worth up to $1,000 USD duty free.

Cost of Living

The following estimates are based on living in Roatan (in general) on a monthly basis.
A Couple can live in Roatan for about $1,300/mth comfortably. Add in another $400 + for some social activities, meals out and outdoor activities.  Very reasonable and half of what you need to live on in most North American cities. 


Depending on location, you could spend $500 - 800 a month for a 2 bedroom with little, to no amenities. Monthly rentals are hard to find unless you know someone who already lives in Roatan. Even then, they are rustic.  There is a 15% national tax on all rental payments, although not all landlords charge it.